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-- "When I first talked to Brandi, I immediately recognized she was there for me and not just going through the motions. She fosters an environment in which you feel comfortable opening up and sharing because you know there is only compassion, no judgment. I feel more confident and strong because of Brandi".

P.C., Mission Viejo, CA


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A growth mindset helps one repeat the tools they have discovered in our coaching sessions  and incorporate these into their everyday life to sustain peace and success. Inspire those around you by the energy you give off.

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Practice a growth mindset

Beginning The Balance

Professional Team Building Wellness Coach

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--"I have been a client of Brandi's for almost a year now. I enjoy working with her for a few good reasons, which are that she is a very good listener will give you good sound advice and ideas that you can work with in your everyday life. She is prompt and very efficient in all aspects of her services. She has helped guide me through some of my darkest times, and now I feel strong and confident as I continue to grow from our coaching relationship".

H.D., Orange, CA

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​​​​Brandi Martin​, M.A., LMFT #108483

-- "Brandi Martin exemplifies professionalism. You are guaranteed success in your journey towards personal growth. Since, starting my sessions with Brandi I feel more organized and in control of my life".

A.F., Irvine, CA

Empowering you

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Finding your balance is where discovering your sweet spot begins. We can work together to uncover your untapped tools which help you create change.

--"A year ago, I was at the lowest point of my life going through social anxiety and depression. At that moment in time, I felt like things were out of my control and I was completely hopeless and lost. My mind was filled with the most negative and harmful thoughts. I would've never even imagined how tremendously my life would change for the better when I met Brandi. As we embarked on this journey together, she was able to help me find my true, authentic self, build my confidence, and shape my positive mentality. With her unconditional support and coaching, the quality of my life is the best it ever has been and I have Brandi to thank for that".

N.K., Orange, CA.

Professional Life Coaching is the practice of listening to the self and working together to find the tools one needs to make a change today. My philosophy of loosening our constraints starts with collaboration. Many of us are walking around, believing we are alone with our distress, unaware that we possess the solutions to many of our problems today. Give yourself the gift of knowing you have the control over your decisions to empower your path in life. It is a choice to be happy. What will you choose?


Empowering begins after you have acknowledged and embraced your sweet spot. Supporting yourself and having confidence in your choices ultimately lets you be the owner and author of how you see your life unfold.


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